Thursday, 19 September 2013

HTML page not rendered correctly on PhoneGap

HTML page not rendered correctly on PhoneGap

First time i'm using PhoneGAP. We just design a responsive HTML template
and i'll integrate it to Phonegap. I have Android SDK .
phonegap create testApp com.example.testapp testApp
cd testApp
phonegap build android
This command creating a testApp folder and putting an example Android
project to testApp/platforms/android/
After this, i'm creating a new project with existed content on Eclipse ADT
. And then, i'm copying our responsive template's main.html file and all
other css, js and image files to testApp/platform/android/assets/www
folder. And lastly copy paste this to assets/www/index.html file. (It's a
workaround for a bug, see here)
<!doctype html>
Now it should work, but it's not. I'm starting emulator and then Run As
Android App on Eclipse, this is result. Blank (white) screen and a weird
black box.

Can you tell me what is i'm missing?

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